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Applicable to Lash Extensions & Lash Lifts*

1. Ensure eye make up is removed
2. Kindly do not wear mascara on the day of your appointment



Safety & Allergies - Must Read

  • We understand that eyelash extensions is not for everyone, if you had a prior reaction to eyelash extensions, we will not be able to service you. We cannot put you at risk by hoping that your eyes will not react to our products.

  • If you had not had extensions, tint or lash lift before, you can always request a patch test and wait 3 days to see if you have a reaction. We would be more than happy to do this for you to ensure that you are a good candidate for our services.

  • please let us know of any known sensitivities / alleriges. if you have these allergies: acrylate products including acrylic nails, latex, cyanoacrylate, then lash lift/lash extensions CANNOT be applied.


  • Please wash your eyelashes daily to avoid build up.

  • If you have an eye or eyelid infection please refrain from getting any lash services until your eyes are fully healed.

  • Do not get lash extensions if you have these lash conditions,blepharitis and ocular rosacea.


Work Guarantee

If you experience any issues or are unhappy with your lashes, please contact us within three days of your appointment and we will try our best to rectify the issue.


Regarding your $50 initial Deposit to complete your booking

Late Policy

  • If you are running late please contact us in advance so we can make arrangements. If you are late, we will only be able to work in the amount of time allotted to your appointment, as we want to be timely for our next client.

  • If you are late by more than 20 minutes, then a fee of $50 will be charged and a new appointment will be scheduled.


Please cancel 24 hours before your appointment to avoid a last minute cancellation fee of $50.



Cash or Credit Card or Debit Payments Accepted.


There are no refunds on any services or products.


Any other questions? Please feel free to send us a note.

Applicable to Lash Extensions Only*

1. Keep your eyes away from water for 48 hours (no steam rooms)
2. Do not curl your lashes using a curler
3. Do not put mascara on your lashes
4. Use oil free make up remover to remove make up. Ask your lash technician for recommendation
5. Shower away from the shower head to prevent pressure on your lashes
6. Use eyelid cleaner & brush your lashes daily

Applicable to Lash Lifts Only*

1. Be gentle with your lashes, avoid rubbing

2. Avoid water proof mascara

3. Keep your lashes dry for 24 hours, avoid steam rooms and saunas

4. Avoid putting on make up for 24 hours

5. Use oil-free make-up remover

6. Do not sleep on your lashes (face in pillow) for the first 10 days

7. Lash lift process can be done again, once curl has dropped

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